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Can I request files of all the serial holdings for our library?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager

To get those serial records delivered to your institution, you will need to create a query collection of just serials held by your institution. This is done inside WorldShare Collection Manager.

 Here is the documentation on creating a query collection.

Since  you are going to be running the query to find serials only, you may find the material type documentation useful.

When you put together the query, the index for "material type" is "mt". 

But the types that are listed as serial are: series, Newspaper, and periodical.  These are represented as mse, new, and per.

So an example query for all of the series, Newspapers, and periodicals at your institution would be:

 li:(your OCLC symbol) AND mt:mse AND mt:new AND mt:per

Additional information

You may find it useful to organize the data you gain into a spreadsheet.

Tip: Log into WorldCat Discovery with your staff account to run these searches in Discovery for a quick view of results.

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