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A title that we have as part of a collection is not showing up in Discovery unless we search "libraries worldwide".

Applies to
  • WorldShare Collection Manager 
  • WorldCat Discovery 

Please check to verify that you have selected the title inside the collection. 

  1.  Log into WorldShare 
  2. Click Metadata.
  3. Click Collection Manager.
  4. Change the search scope to Title.
  5. Search for the ISBN or ISSN of the title.
    • You can grab the ISBN or ISSN from the View Description tab of a Discovery search result.
  6. If you see no results from the search you have performed in WorldShare Collection Manager, you don't have the title selected.

To see all of the results for the same title, simply uncheck the box next to "limit by my selected collections" and search again.  You may see the collection that you have selected in this set of results.  If so, you can click on the collection title.  This will allow you to search for the ISBN or ISSN from inside your selected collection.

Additional information

There are multiple methods used to select a title inside a collection.  The method you choose is based on the settings of the collection.  We have more information about how to modify a collection to select your titles.

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