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OCLC Support

Report errant OCLC numbers and broken links

All members have the opportunity to improve the knowledge base by reporting missing or errant OCLC numbers. Reported corrections are included in global knowledge base updates to the collections for which they are reported, allowing all members to benefit from these submissions.

OCLC numbers in knowledge base collections

OCLC numbers appear within knowledge base title-level settings such as:

Use the OCLC number correction form

To have OCLC numbers added to a global collection by the knowledge base team:

  1. Complete the OCLC number correction form with as much detail as possible for each title.
  2. Submit the form to OCLC Support as a support ticket and indicate that you would like the knowledge base team to add the OCLC numbers to the titles you included in the form.
  3. The knowledge base team will review and schedule the addition of these OCLC numbers in 1-3 months.

Report broken links

Contact  OCLC Support with the following information:

  • Your institution’s name
  • OCLC symbol or Registry ID
  • URL to the item
  • OCLC number, if available
  • Proxy credentials to access your resources (If you are unable to provide test proxy credentials, we might need to conduct a WebEx session with your library to troubleshoot)
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