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Workflow for data sync collections



Data synchronization is an automated process that compares records from your local catalog against records in WorldCat and manages holdings on those matching records. These holdings may be at the institution-level, such as your OCLC symbol, or at the local-level, such as local holdings records (LHRs). This process also facilitates adding new records to WorldCat.

This workflow provides an overview of the data sync collection process, from collection creation to report retrieval.

Data sync workflow

Create data sync collection

 Note: If you have questions while creating your data sync collection, please contact OCLC Support.

Create data sync collection for a Reclamation

If you are new to data sync collections, or if it has been awhile since your holdings have been consistently maintained, we recommend starting with a Reclamation and then continuing with an Ongoing collection to ensure your holdings remain up to date.

Submit data to OCLC

 Note: If you have questions about data preparation and submittal, please contact your database specialist.

Data preparation

Watch a video

WorldCat data sync collections: Upload files for processing (4:38)

This video reviews how to upload files for processing through data sync collections.

OCLC staff reviews collection, processes submitted data, and releases output

 Note: If you have questions about data processing, please contact your database specialist.

Review output files and reports

 Note: If you have questions about your reports or file output and retrieval, please contact OCLC Support.


  • Data sync reports (emailed) - contain information about records matched and delivered through data sync collections in Collection Manager
  • My Files reports - contain information about unresolved records and records which have had actions taken during processing