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View entity details

Discover the interface of the entity viewer.


You can view entity details in the WorldCat Entities user interface. From the search results screen, click on your desired entity to open it in the entity viewer. Sections of the viewer are explained in greater detail below. For more details on what information you can expect to find in the viewer, see WorldCat Entity.

 Note: It is not currently possible to edit WorldCat Entity Data.

View entity details

The details screen for a WorldCat Person entity, Toni Morrison

1. Back to search

Return to the list of all entity results returned by the most recent search.

2. Section and properties navigation

To navigate quickly between the available sections and properties of an entity, click on any of the sections in the left navigation bar. You can also scroll down the screen to see all of the sections and properties.

You can navigate to and view any property with associated data available. 

3. Copy URI

Click the copy URI icon (A blue button with the text Copy URI) to automatically copy the entity's unique universal resource identifier to your clipboard.

4. Entity details

This section displays the entity label, entity type, entity ID and description.

5. Section and properties full view

This listing of properties displays information associated with the entity. The columns available will differ depending on the individual property. For more details, see the WorldCat Entity Data guidelines and standards.

6. Scroll entries

When an section or property has more than five entries, use the left and right directional buttons (Left and right scroll arrows) to scroll through entries.

7. View entry details

Use the expand entry icon (A blue button shaped like a piece of paper, with a white magnifying glass inside) to view more details about the associated entry.