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Insert a WorldCat Entity identifier in a bibliographic record


Every WorldCat Entity has a unqiue identifier known as a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). For bibliographic records without an identifier in a 100, 600, 647, 651, 700 or 758 field, you can search for and insert a $1 link with an appropriate identifier referencing a WorldCat Entity. Identifiers display in the $1 field as a clickable link, which will open in a new browser tab and take you directly to the reference in WorldCat Entities. For more information on interacting with the WorldCat Entities environment, see WorldCat Entities.

Insert WorldCat Entity identifier in a bibliographic record

  1. Make sure your cursor is positioned in a 100, 600, 647, 651, 700 or 758 field and you have selected the field.
  2. From the Edit drop-down menu, select Insert WorldCat Entity.
    Right-click the selected field and then click Insert WorldCat Entity.
  3. The Insert WorldCat Entity pop-up displays. The text of the field you selected (e.g. author name in the 100 field) is automatically carried into the search term box and the search for that term is completed in WorldCat Entities.
  4. Click Select Entity next to a search result to insert the identifier for the entity into the bibliographic record.

Insert WorldCat Entity identifier to a controlled field

  1. Expand a controlled field by clicking on the arrow (record-manager-arrow-button.png) directly to the left of the field.
  2. Open the Subfield drop-down menu and select Real World Object URI ($1).
  3. In the Value field, copy or type in the WorldCat Entity identifier (URI).
  4. Click Done.