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Browse WebDewey

Learn how to effectively browse WebDewey.

Browse WebDewey

  1. On any screen, click Browse.
  2. On the Browse WebDewey screen, enter a term in the form field.
  3. Select the index to browse from the following indexes:
    • Dewey Numbers (with Captions) (default)
    • Relative Index
    • LCSH
    • MeSH
    • Sears
  4. Click Browse or press <Enter>.

Tips for effective browsing

  • Most search techniques (truncation, character masking, Boolean operators, grouping) cannot be used in browse queries. The browse term you enter is matched—character by character, from left to right—against the characters of the terms in the index.
  • Browse to determine whether a subject term occurs in a WebDewey index.
  • Browse to identify alternative terms for the desired subject that do occur in a WebDewey index.


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