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Query display

Learn how the query display functions in WebDewey.

At the top of the first screen of results, the system displays a message that includes the number of user notes retrieved and the query that produced the results. The message provides feedback that lets you see how the system interpreted your search criteria. The display shows:

  • Each term preceded by an index label identifying the index in which it was searched. Example: dc: ("610")
  • Term groups (terms entered in the same box on the search form and searched in the same index). Example: kw: (special collection)
  • For all queries, terms that specify the type of note to retrieve. For institution notes, the query includes the institution symbol. Example: tn: (iOCL). For personal notes, the query includes the user's authorization number. Example: tn: (p000000000). To retrieve all notes, the query combines the terms. Example: tn: (iOCL) OR tn: (p000000000).

Use the displayed query to

  • Diagnose causes for unsatisfactory search results.
  • Refine your search to improve results.


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