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Editing techniques for user notes

Learn how to change text, clear text, and undo text changes in WebDewey user notes.
Technique How to
Change text Use standard editing keys (<Insert>, <Backspace>, <Delete>, arrow keys) to move the insertion point and remove/add characters.
Clear text

Press <Backspace> or <Delete> to delete text.


Select the text. In the browser's menu bar, open the Edit menu and click Cut.


Right-click the selected text; on the pop-up menu, click Cut.

Undo text changes To reverse the most recent text change, use the standard Windows undo keystroke: <Ctrl><Z>.

The following functions are supported in recent browser versions. Specific functionality may change with browser upgrades. Check browser Help or documentation for details.

Undo last change, current text box:

Press <Ctrl><Z> once.

Undo series of changes, current text box:

Press <Ctrl><Z> once to reverse each change, beginning with the last.

Undo series of changes in different text boxes:

Place the insertion point in the desired text box and then press <Ctrl><Z>.

Begin with the text box most recently modified and return to the other text boxes in reverse order (retrace your steps).

Notes on browser-based Undo

Browser dependent. Support for <Ctrl><Z> varies with browser name and version.

Refresh clears undo memory. If you take an action that refreshes the screen (for example, select an item on the navigation bar, the Actions list, or the Functions list for a field), the undo memory is cleared.