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Batchloading of holdings records

Learn how to send groups of holdings records from one system to one or more additional systems using a batch process.

As more automated systems implement standardized holdings and the MARC Holdings (MFHD) standard in particular, libraries can send their holdings records from one system to one or more additional systems. This can be done one record at a time but is more commonly done as a group of records in a batch process, or "batchloading".

Transferring records from one system to another has an additional benefit in that it allows a library to "key once / record in multiple systems". This, in turn, gives the library significant savings in its staff resources.

As of 2008, however, not all automated systems have implemented the import and export functions of the MARC Holdings standard. For this reason, a library desiring to do a batchload from one system to another should check with the support representatives of both systems to confirm that a batch transfer of holdings records is possible.

Libraries that desire to batchload their holdings records to OCLC's WorldCat database should contact their Regional Service Provider (RSP) to discuss their project in detail. This type of batchload project is named LHR Upload, or LHRUS.

Medical libraries that desire to transfer their records from DOCLINE to OCLC WorldCat should contact their Regional Medical Library (RML) to initiate the transfer.