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Collection configuration and metadata crosswalking

Find information about metadata configuration and creation standards and considerations for sharing metadata.

When working with the Gateway, you are using technology that facilitates metadata mapping between Dublin Core and MARC21. The Gateway is not a cataloging or metadata creation/editing tool. As such, the quality of the WorldCat records that the Gateway generates for your digital items depends on:

  1. The collection metadata configuration and creation standards, and
  2. The nature of Dublin Core and MARC standards.

Metadata configuration and creation

The nature of the Gateway-created WorldCat records depends on the way you have set up and implemented the metadata for your collections. To ensure the best metadata mapping and WorldCat records, we recommend that you follow these practices:

  • For all fields that you want to display in WorldCat, configure the metadata fields so that they are mapped to Dublin Core or Qualified Dublin Core. When you configure metadata for your collections, make sure to map every element that you want available for mapping in the Gateway.
  • Date fields should use consistent formatting.
  • When populating the Dublin Core language field, use ISO 693-2 or ISO 693-3 standard language tables. The Gateway will utilize that information to construct more precise MARC mappings.

Considerations for sharing metadata

As you begin to review your collections in the Gateway, you’ll begin to notice a few things about sharing metadata between systems:

• There are some metadata elements that are useful in your local repository but do not have any context or meaning in WorldCat. For example, the original metadata may include a note about the physical location of the original item, such as Original on 3rd floor stacks in the Henburg Library, which may not be appropriate for WorldCat.

There are some metadata elements that are not necessary in your local repository but provide essential context and meaning for WorldCat users. For example, when an end user searches your local “Theodore Roosevelt Collection,” it may seem obvious that an item with a title “At the Gateway to Yellowstone Park” is referring to Roosevelt. However, this context will be missing to a user.

• Complete and consistent metadata records ensure complete and consistent displays.

See Best Practices for creating shareable metadata for optimized and standardized Qualified Dublin Core metadata element sets to increase the discoverability of your metadata in the local environment and across open access repositories such as