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My imported digital resource does not have a view online link in Discovery

  • Records have been imported using Digital Collection Gateway
  • 029 MARC field and 856 4 0 and/or 4 _ MARC are identical links to 
  • View Online Link is not showing in discovery even though it is mapped in MARC using Gateway
Applies to
  • DCG Imported Records

This situation occurs when the Digital Collection Gateway was used to import records and the link to the thumbnails and view online are exact duplicate links.  Discovery will deduplicate the records and the view online link is not populated.

  1. Using Constant Data mapping create a field value that is a location different than the collection item.  This can be a link to a logo, collection or library page.  Keep in mind this will become the thumbnail for every item in the collection.
  2. Once the field is created as constant data, map the thumbnail to the constant data value.
    • Edit Metadata Map
    • Click More>Show Mapped Fields
    • Select Click to Map Thumbnail URL Field
    • Select the field created with Constant Data Option
    • Click Replace
  3. Sync Collection using Replace All option
    • From Home menu
    • Select collection>view collection profile
    • Select radio button Replace All
  4. Discovery Items should now have view online links and the thumbnails will all be mapped to the constant data fields.
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