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How do I map the data from the 024 field into an 856 field?

Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway
  1. Edit the Metadata Map
    • Go to the Collection list screen, or click Home
    • Select the collection
    • Click Edit under the Metadata Map heading
  2. Select More > Show unmapped fields from the top right menu section.
  3. Click on MARC View at the top center of the record
  4. Click inside the yellow box around the 024 field data.
  5. When the Edit Mapping  pop up displays, click the arrow for the dropdown menu.
  6. Select from the dropdown, the field that represents the item URL. (view online URLs automatically appear in the 856 field)
  7. Resync the collection
    • Click Approve Map & Sync on the top right of the screen


Additional information

After syncing is complete, the mapping changes will have changed across the entire collection.

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