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Why do I get this error message when searching Connexion “No records found for your search”?

  • After performing a search in Connexion, an error message stating "No records found for your search" is returned
Applies to
  • Connexion client 2.63

If no records are returned for a valid search, follow these directions to see if the GLIMIR option is selected: 

  1. Log into Connexion client.
  2. Click Cataloging > Search > WorldCat  (In Connexion client you can also simply press the F2 key)
  3. In Connexion client, the GLIMIR information is near the lower right corner of the search window.  If you can't see the Display results using GLIMIR clustering, the search box may be minimized, maximize the search box. If the box next to Display results using GLIMIR clustering is checked, uncheck this box.
  4. Add search criteria and perform the search to see results. 

If this box is not checked or if records are still not returned, run a Compact Repair on the local save file. If that fails, please contact OCLC Support with the error message, what you've tried so far and the name of the file you are trying to access.  


Note: GLIMIR has been removed from Connexion client 3.0 and later.

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