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When your local file is looking for a path that is no longer there

  • If you move your drives off a shared drive and that was the only path in the Local File Manager. 

When you are having trouble with the local file, you can just create a new Local Save File.  

1) Go to File > Local File Manager You should see your current path to the OLD file in the "Files" window.

2)Create a new local file by clicking on the "Create File".

3)Give the file a name of your choice.

4) Now you should see the file you created in the "Files" window.

5)Highlight the new file in the window and click "Set as Default" to the right of the window.

6)You should now see a checkmark by the new file.

7)Highlight the path to the old file and then click "Delete File" to the right of the "Files" window.