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What does this error mean? "data at the root level is invalid, line 1, position 1"

Applies to
  • Connexion client

There is a corrupt record in your Local Save File for Connexion client.  If there are no records in the file you need, you can just create a new Local Save File.  If there are records that you would like to keep, copy each record individually over to the new Local Save File.

In order to copy a record perform the following actions with a local file record open or with records selected on a local file list, on the Action menu, click Copy Record or press <Alt><A><Y>.  When clicking  Copy it places a second copy of the record(s) in the file you select and leaves the first in the original file.  Note, using 'Move' in this instance is not recommended because you could move the corrupt record into the new file.

Additional information

For more information regarding managing your local files please see OCLC Connexion client Guides: Manage Local Files

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