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Unable to export from Connexion

  • You cannot get Connexion to export 
Applies to
  • Connexion client 
  • Connexion browser 

There can be several reasons for this. Try the following and if none of these work, contact OCLC Support with your OCLC symbol, the error, which version of Connexion you are using and what you've tried so far. 

  • Log into your local VPN (virtual private network) and try it there.
  • Try adding your username/pass and all variations (ie, username only, username/pass both, neither) to the export configuration.
  • Confirm with your local network admin that you're using the correct IP address or server name for your catalog host.
  • Make sure you have the proper ports open through your firewall and antivirus for the connection to your local catalog. 
  • If your catalog is on a virtual server, make sure your catalog vendor knows you are now exporting from a new IP address. They may need to give you permission to access it.
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