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Illegal character entity error when validating in Connexion

  • You get the error message Illegal Character entity: expansion character (code 0x2) not a valid XML character when validating a record in Connexion client
Applies to
  • Connexion client

This error means that Connexion client has come upon a character that it doesn't understand somewhere in your MARC record. To resolve it, follow these steps:

  1. Copy out the text of the record
  2. Pasted the text into a Notepad ++ window
  3.  Select View > Show Symbol > Show all Characters from the Notepad++ menu
  4. You will find that there is  an additional character beyond what you thought was present somewhere in the record.
  5. Backspace or type  over the bad character
  6. Validate to confirm that the change resolves the issue.
  7. Save the record and/or export.

If problems persist, contact OCLC Support with your name, your library symbol, the authorization number you are working with and the OCLC# of the record. If the record is new, please copy out that record to a file and send it as well.


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