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I ran a batch ISBN search in Connexion client, how can I filter the records by number of holdings?

Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions

The Connexion client displays the contents of the local save file as a list of records with columns for various attributes.  For bibliographic records, these fields include title, OCLC number, language of cataloging, and library’s holding code.

While the holding status of an item in the user’s library is included in the results list display, the number of libraries that hold the item is only displayed on a record-by-record basis.  It is not possible to search on or sort a results list or save file by number of holdings.

The bib file is a JET database containing 15 tables with extension .db and can be opened using Microsoft Access, thus providing access to additional metadata that is not included in Connexion’s display.  The table tblSaveFile contains Holdings Count.

To export the data to Microsoft Excel:

  1. Close Connexion client.
  2. Open the bib file in Microsoft Access.
  3. With the list of tables visible on the left side of the Access window, right click on tblSaveFile.
  4. Choose Export and export as Excel.
  5. Save the file (tblSaveFile.xlsx) to your desktop.
  6. Double-click the new file and it opens in Excel. There are 44 columns (A:AR).
  7. Column Y is 'Holdings Count’; sort this column to list records in ascending order by holdings count.
  8.  Column C is the Title column, sort this column A to Z order. You now have a list of records by title and the highest Holdings Count.


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