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How to perform a manual install of Connexion client 3.x

Applies to
  • OCLC Connexion client 3.x

I am getting an error when I try to install Connexion client 3.x using the downloaded installer.


The error may be something like the following:

"Installation Interrupted - The installation was interrupted before OCLC Connexion client could be installed.  You need to restart the installer to try again."


I've tried rebooting the computer and restarting the installer numerous times, and I still get the same error message.  There are no other programs running when I try to install the program.


How to manually install Connexion client 3.x

We will use 7-Zip as our extraction tool.

To manually install client 3.x will require a little prerequisite work.  We need to gather three install files together in the same folder.


1. Download Connexion client 3.x.

2. Place it in a temp work folder.

3. Assuming 7-Zip is installed, right-click the client 3.x installer and choose 'Extract Here'.

4. Delete everything except:


5. Install each component individually, in this order:

   1. Connexion.msi
   2. OCLC.Connexion.ComServiceDeploy.msi

   3. accessdatabaseengine_X64.exe

Reboot the computer.  The client should now be installed.


If it did not install, contact OCLC Support with screenshots of errors and steps taken.


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