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How do I batch delete holdings in Connexion client?

Applies to
  • Connexion client

You will use Notepad to create a list of the OCLC numbers (OCNs) that you want to batch remove your holdings from. We recommend listing no more than 2500 OCNs in this file.

Steps to take before batch processing a file of OCNs

  1. Using Notepad or another program, create a list of the OCNs that you want to remove your holdings from. List one OCN per line. Save the file as a .txt file.
  2. In Connexion client, access Tools > Options > Authorizations.
    1. If a Connexion authorization number and password are not already listed, enter your 9-digit authorization number (starts with 100) and password. You do not need to provide a name.
    2. Click Apply.
  3. While still in Tools > Options, choose the Batch tab.
    1. In the lower-left of this window, check the box to Display batch reports automatically. This will allow a report of what was processed to display after the batch process runs. The report displays titles, OCNs, and whether the process was successful or failed.
    2. In the upper right, choose any additional options you'd like to enable (whether you want to delete attached LHRs and LBD when deleting holdings, etc.)
    3. Once you've finished selecting options, click Apply to save your changes.
    4. Click Close.

Batch process your file

  1. In Connexion client, access Batch > Holdings by OCLC number.
  2. Browse to the file of OCNs that you created (or manually type OCNs in the large text box on the left, one OCN per line).
  3. Import a file of OCNs by clicking Import. The OCNs will be listed in the large text box on the left.
  4. When the import completes, answer NO to whether you want to delete your file.
  5. Choose Delete Holdings.
  6. Click OK. The batch processes.
  7. If the Display batch reports automatically option was selected, the report will immediately appear.
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