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How do I batch delete holdings in Connexion client?

Applies to
  • Connexion client

In Connexion client, to delete WorldCat holdings in a batch you must either save records individually to your local save file or import a list of records into your local save file.  The below instructions are for importing list of records from your local save file.

Please note batch functionality is only available in Connexion client.

1.   Click Batch > Enter Bibliographic search keys

2.   Use Default Index - OCLC Number (no:)

3.   Import file of OCLC Numbers.

4.   Click Save > Click Close.

5.   Click Batch > Process Batch

6.  Path > Choose Bib

7.  Process > Choose Online Searches.

8.  Click OK.

9. Once the records go to the local save file, highlight the records and go to action > holding > delete holdings.

Or click here to view the process on Page 10 of the Batch Processing in the Client: Overview document.

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