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How can I download the information displayed in the save file?


You want to download the information displayed when viewing your local save file or online save file (not the MARC records themselves).

Applies to
  • Connexion client

If you want to have a spreadsheet containing the information in the columns and rows displayed when viewing the save file, do the following:

  1. Right-click any record in the save file. Click Select All.
  2. This will highlight all the records on the screen in blue. Right-click on the selection and click Copy.
  3. Open a new Microsoft Excel document and past into the first cell.

Note: If your save file has over 100 records, you'll have to do this for each page of your save file because the save file only displays 100 records per page.

Additional information

If you want to download MARC records using Connexion, see Export bibliographic records.

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