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Export to file causes Connexion client to crash

  • When exporting records to a file, the client either crashes immediately, or after one or two records have been exported.
Applies to
  • Connexion client v2.63 and 3.x

If your library creates an export file daily or weekly and creates an export destination for each new file, eventually you will create so many export destinations under Tools > Options > Export that the client crashes when trying to read the list.  The export destinations are stored in a file called Connects.ini.

We’re going to delete the existing Connects.ini file so the client can create a new, empty file.  All existing export destinations will go away.  To do this:

  1. Close the client.
  2. Hold down the Windows key (to the left or right of the Alt key) and while holding it down, press the letter R; this brings up the Windows Run box.
  3. Type %AppData% (including both percent (%) signs) and press Enter.
  4. Double-click the OCLC folder.
  5. Double-click the Connex folder.
  6. Scroll down and right-click Connects.ini and choose Delete (if you don't see the .ini extension, look in the 'Type' column for 'Configuration settings').
  7. Start the client and create your export destination under Tools > Options > Export.
  8. Export some records; they should export without a client crash
Additional information

When there are too many export destinations defined, accessing Tools > Options > Export tab can also cause the client to crash.

To avoid the problem of too many export destinations that will eventually cause the client to start crashing again, click Tools > Options > Export and select ‘File: (prompt for filename)’.  The first time you export a record, you will be prompted to browse to a location and enter a filename for the session.  The same file will be exported to until you close and re-open the client which starts a new session.  At that time, you will again be prompted for an export filename.  Upon each new session, the client should remember the last location browsed to so all you’ll have to enter is the new filename.  If you specify the same filename as a previous session, the client will prompt to Append or Overwrite the file.

When creating many export files, the prompt for filename option is more efficient than creating a new export destination each time.  And you’ll never hit an upper limit of export destinations.

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