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Empty boxes appearing instead of correct symbol when using diacritics or special characters tool in Connexion

  • You need to use a special character, like a diacritic or musical character, but it doesn't appear correctly in Connexion client.
Applies to
  • Connexion Client 2.63
  • Connexion Client 3.0
  • Connexion Client 3.1


This can happen if the font you have chosen for the MARC record display in Connexion client does not contain that character. To resolve this, you will need to find another font that does include that character and switch to using it instead. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Connexion client
  2. Choose Tools > Options > Fonts
  3. Set the Records and Lists > Font drop-down to a font that contains the character you want to use.
Additional information

Unicode fonts can usually show more non-roman characters.  If you need to add a font that you don't see in the drop-down, there are steps for adding a new font to your machine.

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