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Connexion client 3.0 discontinued January 31, 2023

  • Support for Connexion client 3.0 will be discontinued on January 31, 2023. If you are currently using version 3.0, you will begin to see a message prompting you to update to version 3.1.
Applies to
  • Connexion client 3.X

Upgrade to 3.1 by the end of January. 

2.63 version will continue to be supported.    


Additional information

Connexion client 3.1 is available and provides the following updates:

  • Additional obsolete features decommissioned 
  • Help link revisions
  • Default keymap 'CTRL+A" removed from constant data application 
  • Bibliographic record leader and 008 field dropdown updates
  • Repair of bug fixes


More information about the improvements made to the client in the 3.1 and 3.0 releases, system requirements, bug fixes and known issues can be found on the Update Connexion client web page.


Download Connexion client 3.1 now 


Version 2.63 version will continue to be supported.    


This announcement is about the Windows-based Connexion client software; there are no changes to the web-based Connexion browser version.  


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