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OCLC Support

About Connexion client support

Discover how to access system alerts and known problems as well as contact OCLC customer support in Connexion client.

Connexion service hours

OCLC Connexion is available 24 hours, Monday through Sunday.

 Note: OCLC occasionally conducts maintenance on the system, most usually on Sundays from 2 am to 6 am U.S. Eastern Time. OCLC usually provides advance notice about these maintenance periods via listserv messages and on the OCLC System Status Dashboard. You can also access the dashboard from within Connexion client (Help > Useful Web Links > OCLC System Alerts).

Check system alerts and known problems

To check the system alerts page for conditions affecting system performance or to check client known problems:

  1. Navigate to Help > Useful Web Links.
  2. Click OCLC System Alerts or press <Alt><H><U><L>.
    Click Client Known Problems or press <Alt><H><U><K>.

Contact OCLC customer support staff

From within the client, open an e-mail support form to contact OCLC customer support or one or more other support sources you specify:

  1. Navigate to Help > Contact Support or press <Alt><H><C>.
  2. In the Contact Support form window, select the type of message you want to send. (Optional)  If you select Problem/Question, check Connexion client known problems before sending your support request:
    • Suggestion/Enhancement (default)
    • Problem/Question
    • Click Problems and Troubleshooting under Having problems? Have you checked.
    • Navigate to Help > Useful Links > Client Known Problems to open the client known problems web page.
  3. Select a recipient for the message.
    • OCLC Support - Message goes to
    • E-Mail Address - Enter any email address. To send the message to more than one recipient, separate the email addresses with semicolons.
  4. (Required) Enter your information:
    • Name
    • Telephone
    • E-Mail Address

      • The system automatically supplies your name and e-mail address if you already entered them in the Report Error window (Action > Report Error, which is available when you have a bibliographic or authority record open).
      • Once you have entered your information, the client automatically supplies it the next time you open the window
  5. (Required) Enter your message in the text box.
  6. Select Yes or No to indicate whether you:
    • Give permission for support staff to contact you.
      Default: Yes
    • Want a copy of the message. If you select this option, the client sends a copy to your email address.
      Default: No
  7. When you are finished, click Send.

Contact support staff by telephone or fax

Contact OCLC Support for your region.

Please provide the following information:

  • Service or program you are using
  • Your OCLC symbol
  • Your OCLC authorization number and password

Open client Help or documentation on the web

See Use client Help for more details.

Get more information from the OCLC website

Use the Help > Useful Links submenu to:

  • Open the Connexion home page or Connexion client documentation page
  • Open client known problems or tips, WorldCat statistics, or OCLC system alerts
  • Download products and services
  • Report errors in WorldCat or LC authority file records or report duplicates in WorldCat

To access the Help > Useful Links submenu:

  1. Navigate to Help > Useful Links or press <Alt><H><U>.
  2. Click a link on the submenu. 

Open client tutorials from the Help menu

To open tutorials that take you step-by-step through many of the main client functions:

  1. Navigate to Help > Tutorial or press <Alt><H><T>.
     Note: Check system requirements for using the client Web-based tutorials at the end of the tutorials Web page.
  2. Select a tutorial you want to open and then click View this tutorial.