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Define Automatic Stamps

Find out how to access and use the Define Automatic Stamps window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Define Automatic Stamps window

  • Create an automatic stamp to include on labels for a specified holding library code.
  • Create additional automatic stamps (one per holding library code).
  • View a list of the automatic stamps you create.
  • Delete an automatic stamp.

Access the Define Automatic Stamps window

  1. Navigate to Tool > Options > Printing.
  2. Click Label Options.
  3. Click Define Automatic Stamps.

See more about how to create automatic stamps for labels.

Define Automatic Stamps window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Automatic Stamp fields Enter the text of the automatic stamp you want to include with labels.

Default: Blank
Use as default automatic stamp button Select to add the stamp to all labels.

Default: Button is selected. The automatic stamp you define is added to all labels.
Assign automatic stamp to holding library code button Select to assign a holding library code to an automatic stamp.

Limit: One automatic stamp per holding library code

Default: Button is deselected
Place stamp above [or below] call number buttons Select one of the buttons to place the automatic stamp:
  • Place stamp above call number (default)
  • Place stamp below call number
Automatic Stamps Defined box View a list of the automatic stamps you create.


Button name Click the button to...
Add Add the automatic stamp you create to the Automatic Stamps Defined list. Available only when you define an automatic stamp.
Delete Delete an automatic stamp selected in the Automatic Stamps Defined list. Available only when you select a stamp in the list.
OK Apply the settings you entered and close the window.
Cancel Cancel any changes you made and close the window.


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