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Actions not available for macros

Find out which actions are not available for macros in Connexion client.

You cannot use the following actions in macros you write or record:

  • Attach digital files to WorldCat records (Edit menu) (available only to those who have an OCLC logon authorization that includes CONTENTdm, a license to use CONTENTdm, and an established CONTENTdm collection and who use the CONTENTdm hosting service)
  • Authorities history records searching and browsing (Authorities > Search menu) and showing distributed vs. superseded versions (Authorities > Show menu)
  • Batch set or delete holdings by OCLC number (Batch menu)
  • Cancel the last edit in a record (Edit > Undo)
  • Check spelling (Tools menu)
  • Control a single heading in a record (Edit > Control Headings > Single)
  • Convert characters to MARC-8 CJK (Edit > MARC-8 Characters menu)
  • Copy data as text (Edit > Copy as Text)
  • Copy the OCLC control number by selecting it manually and copying (to record, you must use the Copy Control Number command on the Edit menu)
  • Create constant data (Cataloging > Create > Constant Data)
  • Customize the toolbar (Tools > Toolbar Editor)
  • Delete selected text
  • Derive a new constant data record (Edit > Derive > New Constant Data)
  • Edit or create 006, 541, or 583 fields using guided entry (Edit > Guided Entry > Edit [or Insert 006, 541, 583)
     Note: Existing macro commands can be used, such as SetFieldLine to insert a field and specify data.
  • Import records (File > Import Records)
  • Insert field 760 - 787 data automatically from a cited record (Edit > Insert from Cited Record)
  • Launch local holdings maintenance (Tools menu)
  • Launch WebDewey (Cataloging menu)
  • Link/unlink non-Latin script fields with equivalent Latin script fields (Edit > Linking Fields)
  • Lock linked authority record (Action menu)
  • Move the cursor from one record area to another (Edit > Previous Record Area or Next Record Area)
  • Open the CJK E-Dictionary (Tools menu)
  • Paste Unformatted (Edit menu)
  • Print accessions lists (File menu)
  • Set a constant data record as the default (Edit > Constant Data > Online > Set as Default)
  • Set options in Tools > Options
     Note: You can, however, assign keystroke shortcuts to run macros, either by writing a macro using the command AssignMacroToKey or recording a macro while you assign a keystroke from Tools > Keymaps.
  • Show default constant data (Cataloging > Show > Default Constant Data; same command on the Authorities menu)
  • Show numbers of online save file records by individual statuses (Cataloging > Show > By Online Save File Status; same command on the Authorities menu)
  • Transliterate Arabic or Persian (Edit menu)
  • Use assigned User Tools (Tools menu)
  • Use text strings (Tools menu)
  • Verify MARC-8 characters (Edit menu)
     Note: You can use the following commands in macros you write, but you cannot record them:
    • GetNext100Records (View menu)
    • GetPrevious100Records (View menu)