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Automatic logoff for inactivity

Find out how automatic logoff for inactivity functions in Connexion client.

The client automatically logs off your online session after 39 minutes if you have not interacted with the system. You can check the digital timer display in the client status bar to see the time remaining on the inactivity timer. When you interact with the system, the timer resets and restarts the countdown.

Example: 14:30 (shows that you have 14 minutes and 30 seconds till automatic logoff unless you interact with the online system).

When you take an action on a record or do a search, the inactivity counter for the current session resets to the maximum 39 minutes (or to the number of minutes you select in Tools > Options > General / Session Timer Options).

The following interactions with the system reset the timer:

  • Retrieving any type of record online via searching or browsing
  • Saving any type of records to an online save file
  • Showing the default online constant data or showing online save file statuses
  • Controlling headings (but not uncontrolling)
  • Applying online constant data
  • Validating records while logged on
     Note: You can also validate records offline.
  • Taking OCLC actions on records immediately while online (commands on the Action menu or Holdings submenu, such as Update Holdings, Produce or Alternate Produce, etc. with the exception of Set Status)
  • Batch processing searches and/or record actions
  • Viewing holdings
  • Viewing the next or previous 100 records from a search results list