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Optimize connection if your library uses proxy server(s)

Find out how to enter proxy server settings in Connexion client.

Check with your system administrator if you have trouble connecting to the OCLC system. If your library uses a proxy server, the client offers two options:

  • Enter proxy server settings in the client.
  • Set a persistent connection to keep the same TCP connection active to handle multiple requests.

To use these options:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Access.
  2. Click the Use a proxy server to connect check box, and enter your IP address and port number in the adjacent text fields.
    • If you do not know this information, ask your system administrator.
    • Connexion client uses Windows proxy settings as its default settings. Even if the Use a proxy server to connect check box is not selected, but Windows settings point to a proxy server, the client will use these proxy settings for your OCLC connection. To find
      Windows proxy settings, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections and click LAN Settings.
  3. If your proxy server requires user authentication, click the check box to Use proxy server and enter your user ID, password, and domain name. Your password will appear in asterisks when you enter it.
  4. (Optional) If you use a proxy server to connect to the OCLC system and you have problems on logging in, click to select the Persistent Connection check box. This extends an HTTP session, keeping the same TCP connection active throughout multiple requests from your workstation (works like a KeepAlive extension to HTTP).
  5. When finished, click Close or press <Enter> to apply the settings and close the Options dialog.
    Click Apply to apply the settings without closing the dialog.