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Customize fields to check and subfields to skip

Find out how to customize fields to check and subfields to skip in Connexion client.

The spell checker checks only fields specified in options. To check or change the default fields/subfields:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Spelling to view the Spelling tab.
  2. Under Customize Fields, click Fields to Check.
  3. To add a field to check, in the Customize Fields to Check window, enter a tag in the MARC Field Tag box and then click Add.
  4. To add a field to check and specify subfields to skip, enter a tag in the MARC Field Tag box, enter subfields to skip within the field in the Skip Subfields box, and then click Add.
    • Enter subfield delimiter letters or numbers with no spaces.
      In the MARC Field Tag box, enter 760.
      In the Skip Subfields box, enter wxy7.
    • To add subfields to be skipped to a field already in the list, you must first delete the field, re-enter it, specify the subfields to skip, and then click Add.
      Default fields to check/subfields to skip - Table
      245 skip c 513 skip b 538
      246 skip f 515 546
      516 547 skip f 500
      520 skip u 580 502
      521 730 skip f 504
      525 740 505 skip gru
      530 skip u 830 skip v 510 skip c
      533 skip m7    

       Note: The spell checker checks spelling only in the fields specified in this list.

  5. To delete a field, highlight the tag in the list and click Delete.
  6. When finished, click OK to save your changes or Cancel to cancel your changes. The window closes and you are returned to the Spelling tab.