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About customizing keystroke shortcuts

Find an overview of customizing keystroke shorcuts in Connexion client.

You can perform all functions using only the keyboard. The client provides predefined keystroke combinations for carrying out menu commands, editing, and entering diacritics and special characters. For example, <F1> is the default keystroke for opening client Help. However, you may prefer to create your own shortcuts or change the default key assignments:

  • Many users find that they work more efficiently, especially while editing, if they avoid switching between the keyboard and the mouse.
  • Customizing the default keystrokes lets you assign your most-used actions to the keys you find most convenient.
  • In addition to customizing keystrokes for commands and diacritics and special characters, you can also assign keystroke shortcuts to run macros.
  • If you use text strings, you must assign a keystroke or a user tool to enter a text string.

 Note: The client keeps your customized shortcuts each time you open or update the program, unless you change the shortcuts or reset to default.

See User files for more information about user customization files and sharing the files.