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Default authorization for batch processing using local save file

Find out how to assign an authorization for batch processing using a local save file in Connexion client.


 Note: You must define an authorization for batch processing local files in Connexion client.

To run batch processing, you must either define:

  • A default general authorization (Tools > Options > Authorizations)
  • A default authorization specifically for a local file (File > Local File Manager)

If you enter an authorization/password for a local file:

  • The client overrides any general default authorization/password you set up in Tools > Options > Authorizations and uses the one you assigned to that local file.
  • The authorization/password for the local file is always listed first in the Logon OCLC window list (facilitates batch processing), whether or not you have the local file open.

If you do not enter an authorization/password for a local file, the client uses the default authorization/password you set in Tools > Options > Authorizations, when you log on or run batch processing using the file.

Assign an authorization/password to a local file

 Note: Batch processing is unavailable for local constant data files.

  1. Navigate to File > Local File Manager or press <Alt><F><F>.
  2. In the Files list, click the name of the local save file to which you want to assign an authorization/password, and then click Authorization.
  3. In the Assign Authorization and Password window, enter an authorization and a password.
    Delete any authorization/password you entered for the file and leave the boxes empty if you want the client to use your default authorization and password in Tools > Options > Authorizations.

    Default: Authorization and password are blank. The client uses your default authorization/password in Tools > Options > Authorizations for interactive or batch logon for the selected file.
  4. When you are finished, perform one of the following actions:
    1. Click OK to assign the authorization/password to the file.
    2. Click Cancel to cancel assigning it.

Once an authorization/password has been assigned:

  • The authorization/password is used for interactive logon and logon for batch processing for this local file.
  • For interactive logon, the assigned authorization/password is listed first in the Logon OCLC Connexion window list.