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Send bibliographic records for review interactively

Discover how to send records for peer review interactively in Connexion client.
  1. Identify the appropriate reviewer(s). Reviewers can be:
    • Someone who has provided training/mentoring to qualify you for participation in a cooperative program (BIBCO, NACO, SACO, CONSER).
    • Peers within a consortium or between cooperating institutions who have made arrangements for exchanging and reviewing records.
    • Colleagues with whom you have informal, individual arrangements.
  2. (Optional) Log on to Connexion.
  3. Prepare one or more bibliographic or authority records.
    • Retrieve, lock, and edit a WorldCat record
    • Retrieve and edit a record
    • Retrieve a previously edited record or workform from the online or local save file
    • Create a new record

    Single record: Open the record you want to send for review.
    Multiple records: Select record entries in a list.
    • To select adjacent records, click to highlight the first entry, and then press and hold <Shift> and click the last entry.
    • To select nonadjacent entries, click to highlight the first entry, and then press <Ctrl> and click to highlight each additional entry.
  4. Click Action > Submit for Review or press <Alt><A><B>.
  5. In the Submit for Review window, enter one or more OCLC institution symbols for the library(ies) to which you want to submit.
    • Guidelines:
      • Enter symbols in uppercase or lowercase. The system converts lowercase to uppercase.
      • Separate multiple symbols with semicolons (;). The system ignores spaces before and after the semicolons.
        Examples: ABC;DEF;XYZabc; def; xyz
  6. Click OK to submit the record or workform immediately (online) or mark for batch processing (offline). If marked for batch, when ready, run batch processing.
    • Validates OCLC symbols you supplied. If any symbol is invalid, the system does not submit the record. An error message identifies the invalid symbol(s). You must retry submitting the record. When prompted, correct all invalid symbols and then click OK.
    • Sets the record's Submit status to C (Completed) or F (Failed).
    • For a locked WorldCat record, retains the lock on the record in WorldCat or the LC authority file.
    • Automatically saves the record to the online bibliographic save file or the online authority save file.
    • If the record you submitted was in the local save file, the client prompts you to delete the record from the local file. Click Yes to delete or No to re-save with Submit status C (Complete).
    • Shows the record's save file number.
    • The client keeps the review institution symbol(s) you entered each time you open the window until you change them.
    Click Cancel to close the window without submitting.