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Work with search results

Discover how to work with search results in Connexion client.

View entries in a group list

To view a list of the records in a group, double-click the group, or highlight it and press <Enter>. If the group contains 6 to 100 records, a truncated list opens. If it contains 2 to 5 records, a brief list opens.

 Note: To open the next or previous group list without returning to the group list window, on the View menu, click Navigate Records and Lists > Next Group (or press <Alt><V><G>) or Navigate Records and Lists > Previous Group (or press <Alt><V><V><E>).

View a truncated list of more than 100 records

Truncated lists can contain more than 100 records if records retrieved are for a single year. If a truncated list contains more than 101 records, only the first 100 entries are displayed. To view other entries in the list:

  • Navigate to View > Navigate Records and Lists > Next 100 Records, press Ctrl><Alt><Shift><X>, or press <Page down>
  • Navigate to View > Navigate Records and Lists > Previous 100 Records, press <Ctrl><Alt><Shift><U>, or press <Page up>.

Navigate among records and lists

For lists in general, when you have multiple records and lists open, you can use commands on the client View and Window menus, or equivalent toolbar buttons or keystroke shortcuts, to navigate among the open windows. See Record lists for general procedures.

Use the right-click menu to customize a list

  1. Right-click anywhere in a list and click List Settings on the pop-up menu.
  2. To hide a column:
    • In the Column Settings window, select a column by its name and click Hide
    • Double-click a column to clear the check box next to its name.

    To display a hidden column:
    • Select the column and click Show.
    • Double-click to select the check box next to the column name. A check mark indicates that the column displays.

    Default: All columns except Holdings and Control # are selected. A check mark indicates that a column is selected.
  3. To change the order of columns:
    • Select each column you want to move, one by one, and click Move Up or Move Down until it is in the position you want.
    • Use the mouse to drag and drop columns in the order you need them:

       You can drag and drop columns using the mouse instead of using the right- click menu to change the order of columns:
      1. Place the cursor over the column heading of the column you want to move.
      2. Hold down <Ctrl>, left-click and drag the column heading.
        Right-click, hold and drag the column heading.

        While you drag, the cursor becomes a rectangle.
      3. Drop the rectangle on top of the border between two columns where you want to place the column you are dragging.
  4. To restore the default order of columns and re-display all columns, click Reset.
  5. Click OK to make your changes and close the window.
    Click Cancel to close the window without making the changes.

Resize columns

Move the cursor over the right-hand border of the heading for the column you want to resize until the cursor becomes Double-sided arrow. Then click and hold while you drag the border to a new position.

To restore column widths to the default, right-click anywhere in the list. On the pop-up menu, click Restore List Sizes.

In the confirmation message, click OK to confirm, or click Cancel to keep the column widths as they are. When you re-open a list of this type, the original column widths are restored.

Re-sort a list

Click any column heading to re-sort entries by that column.

  • For a group list, navigate to View > Sort by > Date.
  • For a truncated list, depending on the type of list (author, data, main entry, or title), click:
    • Sort by > Author or <Alt><V><S><A>
    • Sort by > Date or <Alt><V><S><E>
    • Sort by > Main Entry or <Alt><V><S><M>
    • Sort by > Title or <Alt><V><S><T>
  • For a brief list, click Sort by > Main Entry, press <Alt><V><S><E>, or press <Alt><V><S><M>.

Select multiple records in a list

To select multiple records in a list:

Select adjacent records

  • Click to highlight the first entry, and then press and hold <Shift> and click the last entry. The entire group of records between the entries is selected.
  • Click an entry and hold the mouse button down while you drag the cursor up or down in the list to select the group of records you want.

Select nonadjacent entries

Click to highlight the first entry, and then press <Ctrl> and click to highlight each additional entry.

Print a list or selected entries

You can print an entire list or print selected entries on a list:

  1. With a WorldCat Search List open, navigate to File > Print List or press <Shift><F12>.
    Select only entries you want to print, and then click File > Print List or press <Shift><F12>.
  2. (Optional) If you have multiple records selected, the Print List window opens, with the Selected Items button selected by default.
    • Click OK to confirm.
    • Select the All button to print all records in the list.
    • Click Cancel to cancel printing.
  3. In the Print window, click OK or press <Enter>.

 Note: Connexion client uses Internet Explorer (IE) to print records and lists. Therefore, page margins for printing are determined by IE Page Setup settings. To adjust the margins, open the browser, and on the File menu, click Page Setup. You can determine other print settings (for example, portrait or landscape orientation) in the client Print window.

For general information on using lists in Connexion client, see Record lists.

Open a record

In a WorldCat Search Truncated List or WorldCat Search Brief List, double-click an entry or highlight it and press <Enter>.

  • To open the next record without returning to the list, click View > Navigate Records and Lists > Forward, click the Forward button (Forward button), or press <F9>.
  • To open the previous record, click View > Navigate Records and Lists > Back, click the Back button (Back button), or press <Shift><F9>.

Print a record

With a record open, click File > Print, click the Print button (Print button), press <Ctrl><P>, or press <Alt><F><P>.

  • If you click the Print button (Print button) or press <Ctrl><P>, the record prints immediately using your default Windows printer, unless you selected to print records to a file (Tools > Options > Printing).

     Note: The Print button (Print button) always prints a record. If a list is displayed, the button prints the selected record.

  • If you use File > Print or press <Alt><F><P>, the Print window opens. Your default Windows printer is selected, but you can select any printer from the list of printers installed on your workstation.

    In the Print window, click OK or press <Enter> to print the record.

 Note: See Note above in Print a list about adjusting page margins for printing.

See Records for general information on using records in Connexion client.

Actions on WorldCat records

See Take actions on bibliographic records for a list of available actions on individual WorldCat records.

You can take the following actions on unchanged WorldCat records selected in a list:

Action How to
Save Record to Online File Click Action > Save Record to Online File or press <Alt><A><O>.
Save Record to Local File Click Action > Save Record to Local File, click the Save Record to Local File button (Save Record to Local File button), or press <F4>.

See Save bibliographic records for more information.