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Connect to a local system host and retrieve a record

Discover how to connect to a local system host and retrieve a record in Connexion client.
  1. Navigate to Tools > Z39.50 > Connect or press <Alt><T><Z><C>.
  2. If you did not enter a user name or password in Tools > Options > Z39.50, the client prompts you to enter them:
    1. In the Local System Password window, enter a user name and, if required by your local system, a password.
    2. Click OK to connect and open the Search Local System window, or click Cancel to cancel connecting.
    If you entered a user name and password in the Z39.50 options page, the client automatically supplies them, connects, and opens the Search Local System window.
  3. In the Search Local System window, in the Record ID Number field, enter the search term/number for the use attribute you defined for retrieving local records.
    Click the arrow at the right of the field to display a list of up to ten terms you entered previously, and click to select one.
    • If the search is successful, the client imports and displays the record as a workform in MARC format.
    • If the search fails, the client gives you a message. To try the search again, click Tools > Z39.50 > Search.
  4. Click Find to send the search, Cancel to cancel the search and keep the Z39.50 connection open, or Cancel and Disconnect to cancel the search and terminate the Z39.50 session.
  5. (Optional) To retrieve another local record:
    1. Pin the displayed record open (View > Pinned or <Shift><F4>) if you want to keep it open. If you do not, the next retrieved record replaces the first and you must do the search again to get the first record back.
    2. Click Tools > Z39.50 > Search or press <Alt><T><Z><S>, and enter another search term or number.
    Work with a record retrieved from your local system the same way you work with other records imported in the client (e.g., generate an authority record from a heading in the record, add the record to WorldCat, etc.).
  6. When finished importing local records (one at a time), click Tools > Options > Z39.50 > Disconnect or press <Alt><T><O><D>.