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MARC-fields-to-apply option

Discover the MARC-fields-to-apply options available for authority constant data records  in Connexion client.

Depending on the option you select in MARC Fields to Apply, the system applies the fixed field only, the variable fields only, or the entire constant data record (Default: Variable).

  • Fixed field - Values of elements in the constant data fixed field (008 and Leader) replace corresponding elements in the authority record, unless the constant data element contains asterisks (***) in place of a value. Or select Variable to preserve all fixed field values.
    Example: If in a constant data record you enter *** in Lang, the Lang data is not replaced when you apply the constant data to the authority record.
  • Repeatable variable fields replace existing fields in the authority record.
  • Subfields - If variable fields in constant data include subfields that contain valid values, the subfields remain in the field added to the authority record.
  • Retain blank subfields in a record - To retain empty subfield codes in a variable field in constant data, after each subfield code, enter |BLANK|. (i.e., enter a vertical bar character, then the uppercase letters BLANK, and then another vertical bar). When you apply the constant data, the subfield code, followed by a space, appears in the added variable field.
    Example: 100 10 ‡b |BLANK| in a constant data record is added to the authority record as 100 10 ‡b.
  • Retain blank subfields in a list of records - Adding |BLANK| to subfields in a record does not retain empty subfield codes when you apply constant data to a list of records. You must add text to subfields to retain them. For example, simply add x.