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About exporting authority records

Find an overview of how to export authority records in Connexion client.

Records you can export

You can export:

  • Records retrieved from the Library of Congress (LC) authority file, from the online authority save file, or from the local authority save file
  • Workforms (new records you create) from the online or local authority save file. You must set an option in Tools > Options > Export.
  • A mix of authority and bibliographic records in the same file.

About exporting records online or offline

  • Export records immediately while logged on or offline.
    • If you export offline, the client tracks your information and sends it to the system the next time you log on. When data is sent, the system displays a message summarizing the export information sent.
    • If you export records from the local file while logged on and change the default local file from either the local file manager (File > Local File Manager) or from the Search Bibliographic Local Save File dialog (Cataloging > Search > Local Save File), the client sends any export billing information to the system and displays a message summarizing the export information sent.
  • Batch export (available for records in the local save file).
  • Export using the MARC-8 character set or the UTF-8 Unicode character set.

 Note: By default, the system does not perform validation when you export records. To set an export validation level:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > General > Validation Level Options.
  2. From the Validation Level Options dialog, select a validation level from the Export Authority Records drop-down list.
    • Full
       Note: On occasion, you may receive the following message when you export authority records: This main entry exists in another authority record: LCCN=n ######## ARN=oca########. This message occurs when you validate the record (Edit > Validate) before exporting or when you have the validation level set to Full in the Tools > Options > General > Validation Level Options dialog.

      If you used Edit > Validate, you can go ahead and export with no problem. If you have the validation level set to Full, change it to Basic in the Validation Level Options dialog and then export the record.
    • Basic
    • None (default)