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Use RDA-based workforms

Discover how to use RDA-based workforms in Connexion client.

Default workforms for creating authority records in the client are based on Anglo- American Cataloging Rules (AACR2). You can choose instead to use workforms based on Resource Description and Access (RDA) by setting an option in Tools > Options > RDA.

Once you set the option, when you click Authorities > Create > Single Record > [record format], an RDA workform for authority records opens.

If you use RDA workforms, you can also set an option in the RDA tab (Tools > Options) to enable showing RDA field descriptions for variable fields. You must be an RDA subscriber and enter your RDA Toolkit logon information in the RDA Options tab. Once you set the option and enter your information, to see an RDA Toolkit field description:

  • With the cursor in a variable field, click Tools > RDA Toolkit.