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The Label Program is not printing labels correctly from my Zebra printer.

  • Connexion client or the Cataloging Label Program is not printing labels correctly from your Zebra printer, and you've determined it's not the 'blank label' issue.
Applies to
  • Cataloging Label Program
  • Connexion client

As found in:

You may need to set the ZDesigner driver to use printer settings in order to prevent the driver from over-writing printer settings set on the printer. This applies to ZPL based Zebra printers using a ZDesigner printer driver.

To set the driver to "Use Printer Settings":

1. In the Printers folder, right-click on the desired printer and select Properties

2. Select the Advanced tab - Printing Defaults

3. Select the Advanced Setup tab.

4. Check the box on the upper left corner of the Advanced Setup tab:

ZDesigner GX420d Printing Defaults.jpg

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