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Where to upload Controlled Vocabulary file to hosted environment

  • In CONTENTdm Administration, you need to import a file on the server but aren't sure where to attach in your server web page.
Applies to
  • CONTENTdm Hosted Server

1. Login to your website configuration tool ("" or via admin page collection (tab)>website or server (tab)>website)

2. In Global settings (tab) open > Custom > Custom Pages > Manage files

3. Create and open a new folder and drag and drop your custom CV file. We suggest naming the folder "cv"

4. Use the path of your custom folder + your custom name: /cdm/sites/SERVERNUMBER/Website/public_html/customizations/global/pages/cv/your_new_custom_CV.txt

Example:   /cdm/sites/15700/Website/public_html/customizations/global/pages/cv/your_new_custom_CV.txt

5. Once you have created the correct path, you will need to paste it into here : Administration Site > Collections > Fields > Select the Current Collection you want this
    applied to > Change > Select Edit on the field (eg. Subject) you want Controlled Vocabulary applied to  > Controlled vocabulary > YesImport vocabulary from a file
    on the server
  > Paste your path in the box below > Save Changes.

Additional information

If you have issues getting this path located above. Please attach your Controlled Vocabulary text file to an email and send to and reference your CONTENTdm server URL

Reach out to OCLC Support if you need more information

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