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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the CONTENTdm application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current issues

Issue Details

Project Client (December Release); (February Release)

When OCR is being run on images, the progress message box shows inaccurate page counts. 

Identified: December 2021

Workaround: Use the page counter shown in: Project Settings Manager > OCR > Page Limit. It should show you “#### of 10000 pages remaining this month”.

Project Client (December Release); (February Release)

We've deprecated the "Fast Mode" in OCR, but it is still showing in the settings interface. If you check this option, OCR is still processed with the same Best Quality setting.

Identified: December 2021

Workaround: Ignore the “Fast Mode” setting.

Project Client (June Release); (December Release); (February Release)

Under certain situations, when editing metadata in spreadsheet view in Project Client, it flashes as it refreshes the screen.

Identified: December 2021

Workaround (Temporary): Switch to a different view or go to a different screen in Project Client. Then come back to the spreadsheet view

Project Client (June Release); (December Release)

Finding Aid (EAD) ingest does not work. You always receive an error message about the XML file being invalid.

Identified: January 2022

Fixed in version (February 2022 release).

Cantaloupe has caused some issues with certain sites, such as PDF fonts display incorrectly in preview, some preview or expand view are missing for particular images or PDFs , or watermark doesn't work, etc. If you desire, we can roll your site back out of Cantaloupe. 

There are 2 ways to rollback:

  1. Full rollback. The site will be completely off of Cantaloupe. Your images and PDFs will be processed by legacy image server. You'll lose PDF manifests, and the manifest generation will be back to the weekly update schedule. You won’t have access to IIIF Manifests for items with restrictions.
  2. Partial rollback. Only the display of image expand view and PDF preview will be rolled back to legacy. You’ll still enjoy the other benefits brought by Cantaloupe, such as have access to PDF manifests (but with fonts issue) and have dynamically generated manifests. But we did discover a bug with partial rollback where if you are: 1) on custom domain 2) have username restriction, then you will not be able to see image expand views.

So if you don’t have restriction, a partial rollback is ideal for you. If you do, you can consider a full rollback. Or wait till we fix the bug with partial rollback.

Workaround: Please contact Support to discuss possible rollback options. 

FlexLoader Application fails to start - "Unable to start program because of the following error: The Web Services is unavailable. Please try again later. The underlying connection was closed. An Unexpect error o..

Identified: August 2022

No workaround available

"Full Size" image download option produces a "Proxy Error"

CONTENTdm end-user website "Full Size" image download link shows "Proxy Error" for very large/high-resolution image files

Identified: October 2018

Workaround: The file can be obtained for direct download using the GetFile API call.  If a systemic issue with many files, please contact OCLC Support for guidance.