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Open a project

Learn how to open an existing project or import a shared project in the Project Client.

The Project Client Home tab displays options available to you for opening an existing project or importing a shared project. If you do not have any projects available to open, please see Create a project for information on creating a new project.  

Open an existing project

  1. In the Project Client, click the Project menu and select Open. The Open Existing Project dialog displays.
  2. Select the CONTENTdm Server URL and review the available projects for the collections on the server.
  3. Select the project you would like to work with and click Open. The Home tab displays with the project information updated for the opened project.

Import a shared project

  1. On the Project Client Home tab, click Import Shared Project for the desired collection. The Import Shared Project dialog displays.
  2. Browse for the shared project directory on your network.
  3. Click Import. The Home tab displays with the project information updated for the opened, shared project.

For more information about shared projects, see Share a Project.

Edit Project

Once a project is created, the Project Name can be edited using the Edit Project screen. To use the Edit Project screen:

  1. From the Project drop-down, select Edit Project.
  2. Select the CONTENTdm Server URL.
  3. Select the Collections and Project to be edited.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Enter the CONTENTdm Server URL and your login credentials.
  6. Edit the Project Name.
  7. Click Ok.