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Correct errors

Learn how to correct errors from the Add Compound Objects Add List.

Your compound object contains errors or warnings when:

  • The Summary screen displays errors or warnings.
  • You see error icons within the compound object record in the Add list on the Add Compound Objects window.

Correcting errors from the Add Compound Objects Add List

You can edit compound object properties directly from the Add list. You can click in any cell and select or type in new data to correct any errors or make other changes without having to delete the object and go through the steps of a wizard.

If the error message has to do with your tab-delimited text file, fix your tab-delimited text file before adding your compound object. For more information, see Troubleshoot tab-delimited text files.

When the compound object no longer has errors, you can add it (and all other compound objects in the Add list) to your project by clicking Finish.