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Find information about requesting bulk dissemination and requesting single file-by-file dissemination online.

You can request one of two mechanisms for disseminating content from the Archive:

  • Bulk dissemination requests by e-mail
  • Single file-by-file dissemination online using http for files smaller than 1 GB

About requesting bulk dissemination


You are charged a dissemination fee and a shipping and media charge for bulk dissemination requests. The dissemination fee allows you to request multiple disseminations in one year, up to a total of one terabyte of content across all requests. Each time OCLC processes a dissemination request, you will also be charged for the portable storage device and shipping costs.

Preparing a dissemination request

You can request disseminations by collection name (see example 7 below) or by collection name and archival volume (see example 8 below). You can request dissemination of multiple collections or multiple archival volumes in a single e-mail request.

To request bulk dissemination from the archive, send an e-mail to OCLC Support. Your e-mail message should include your OCLC symbol, a list of content that you want disseminated, and any special shipping instructions.

An archive technician will process your request and copy the selected content to a portable storage device along with an electronic shipping manifest. At the completion of dissemination processing, the portable storage device will be shipped to you and a dissemination report will appear in your Digital Archive Reports website.

Example 7: Dissemination request – whole collection

Example 8: Dissemination request – multiple volumes in a collection


About requesting single file dissemination online (1 GB file size limit)

The Digital Archive can disseminate a single file up to 1 GB in size to a web browser. In order to request a single file dissemination, you construct a URL based on the unique identifying elements of the file.


There is no fee for a single-file dissemination. These online disseminations are counted in the monthly Storage and Activity Report for your collections in the archive.

Configuring a single file dissemination URL

Construct a URL for a file from these elements:

  • ROOT:
  • Server name: /<server> [for example:]
  • Institution identifier: /<OCLC symbol> [for example: /XYZ]
  • Collection Name: /<collection name> [for example: /myCollection]
  • Volume ID: /<volume ID> [for example: /myVolume1]
  • File Name: /<file name> [for example: /myFile1.tif]

Altogether, using the examples shown in the list above, this URL looks like this:

For CONTENTdm users, the Digital Archive URL for single file dissemination can be managed in CONTENTdm Administration using Full Resolution settings and Volume Location settings. As you uploaded content to your CONTENTdm server in a collection with Full Resolution enabled, the Acquisition Station transmitted both the VolumeID and the File Name to the FullRes metadata field for each file uploaded. In CONTENTdm Administration, you can edit the Full Resolution Volume List “Location” field and enter the first part of the URL above (ROOT, Institution identifier, Server Name, Collection Name, VolumeID).

Instructions for managing Volume list locations are in CONTENTdm Help see Archiving Full Resolution Images. Entering this information once for each archival volume produces a URL for each file in the collection.

If you edited the full resolution volume location and set the Full Res metadata field to “viewable,” the metadata for the item in CONTENTdm shows a live hyperlink to the archived file.