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Edit the collection description

When WorldCat Sync is enabled on your CONTENTdm Server, the descriptions are used to create Qualified Dublin Core, collection-level records in WorldCat. Collection descriptions are optional.

To update the description in WorldCat with your edits, the collection must be synchronized with WorldCat using the Digital Collection Gateway.

For more information about the collection description, see Using the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway.

Edit a collection description

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.
  2. Click the Server tab.
  3. Click Harvesting. The Server Harvesting page displays.
  4. Click the WorldCat Sync Edit link. The WorldCat Sync Settings page displays.
  5. Click the collection description Edit link. The Collection Description page displays
  6. Edit the metadata and click Save to save your changes. The WorldCat Sync Settings page displays

The collection must be harvested again (synchronized with WorldCat using the Digital Collection Gateway) in order for the edits to be updated in the WorldCat record. For more information, see Mapping metadata and sync with WorldCat.