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Embed OHMS viewer


The Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS) is an open-source tool for listening to and interacting with oral histories. OHMS was used for Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History projects at the University of Kentucky Libraries.

The OHMS viewer requires a web server running PHP. This means that it cannot be natively integrated into your CONTENTdm website because it uses React JS. However, if you have OHMS running on another web server, it is possible to embed the OHMS viewer component directly into your CONTENTdm website. This process is analogous to the other embedded recipes for CONTENTdm. For example, embedding external YouTube or Vimeo videos.

This recipe is structured to work with the CONTENTdm URL Item type, assuming that you have loaded the direct link to a particular OHMS record as a URL Item in CONTENTdm. This is an example of the syntax of an OHMS URL: 

In the background, this recipe looks for CONTENTdm URL Items that contain the “cachefile=” parameter and will insert the full OHMS viewer into the page when that pattern is found. This means that your OHMS items can be placed into CONTENTdm collections that contain other kinds of URL items or any other types of CONTENTdm records.

To install the recipe, you need to download the JavaScript file from the Cookbook Recipe Portal and upload it as a custom script in the website configuration tool. As with all JavaScript-based customizations in the Cookbook, you can create custom JavaScript functions that affect specific collections or integrate with other recipes.