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11. Fields 8XX – Other Variable Fields – authority format

How must this table be read?

  • Cells marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are "active", i.e. they can be used. So, tags marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are extensions to, i.e. these are not part of the Library of Congress and the OCLC (WorldCat) format. So, tags marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells with no color. These tags are "reserved" CBS MARC 21 tags; thus, these are non-existing tags now – for the main/master level, the local (LBD) and copy (LHR) level. These tags are only reserved for potential future use. Tags marked with no color may not be used in the CBS MARC 21 format now. So, when we need an extension of the CBS MARC 21 format or a new tag is defined by the MAC (MARC Advisory Committee), we already know what the CBS MARC 21 and CBS MARC 21 PICA+ tags will be.
  • Tag descriptions marked with purple are specific OCLC MARC 21 (WorldCat) tags.


For more MARC 21 documentation:


M21 tag Description CBS MARC tag - main/master level PICA+ tag -main/master level CBS MARC tag -
local level
PICA+ tag -
local level
CBS MARC 21 tag -
copy level
PICA+ tag -
copy level
800   M800 090A L800 190A C800 290A
801   M801 090B L801 190B C801 290B
802   M802 090C L802 190C C802 290C
803   M803 090D L803 190D C803 290D
804   M804 090E L804 190E C804 290E
805   M805 090F L805 190F C805 290F
806   M806 090G L806 190G C806 290G
807   M807 090H L807 190H C807 290H
808   M808 090I L808 190I C808 290I
809   M809 090J L809 190J C809 290J
810   M810 090K L810 190K C810 290K
811   M811 090L L811 190L C811 290L
812   M812 090M L812 190M C812 290M
813   M813 090N L813 190N C813 290N
814   M814 090O L814 190O C814 290O
815   M815 090P L815 190P C815 290P
816   M816 090Q L816 190Q C816 290Q
817   M817 090R L817 190R C817 290R
818   M818 090S L818 190S C818 290S
819   M819 090T L819 190T C819 290T
820   M820 090U L820 190U C820 290U
821   M821 090V L821 190V C821 290V
822   M822 090W L822 190W C822 290W
823   M823 090X L823 190X C823 290X
824   M824 090Y L824 190Y C824 290Y
825   M825 090Z L825 190Z C825 290Z
826   M826 091A L826 191A C826 291A
827   M827 091B L827 191B C827 291B
828   M828 091C L828 191C C828 291C
829   M829 091D L829 191D C829 291D
830   M830 091E L830 191E C830 291E
831   M831 091F L831 191F C831 291F
832   M832 091G L832 191G C832 291G
833   M833 091H L833 191H C833 291H
834   M834 091I L834 191I C834 291I
835   M835 091J L835 191J C835 291J
836   M836 091K L836 191K C836 291K
837   M837 091L L837 191L C837 291L
838   M838 091M L838 191M C838 291M
839   M839 091N L839 191N C839 291N
840   M840 091O L840 191O C840 291O
841   M841 091P L841 191P C841 291P
842   M842 091Q L842 191Q C842 291Q
843   M843 091R L843 191R C843 291R
844   M844 091S L844 191S C844 291S
845   M845 091T L845 191T C845 291T
846   M846 091U L846 191U C846 291U
847   M847 091V L847 191V C847 291V
848   M848 091W L848 191W C848 291W
849   M849 091X L849 191X C849 291X
850   M850 091Y L850 191Y C850 291Y
851   M851 091Z L851 191Z C851 291Z
852   M852 092A L852 192A C852 292A
853   M853 092B L853 192B C853 292B
854   M854 092C L854 192C C854 292C
855   M855 092D L855 192D C855 292D
856 Electronic Location and Access M856 092E L856 192E C856 292E
857   M857 092F L857 192F C857 292F
858   M858 092G L858 192G C858 292G
859   M859 092H L859 192H C859 292H
860   M860 092I L860 192I C860 292I
861   M861 092J L861 192J C861 292J
862   M862 092K L862 192K C862 292K
863   M863 092L L863 192L C863 292L
864   M864 092M L864 192M C864 292M
865   M865 092N L865 192N C865 292N
866   M866 092O L866 192O C866 292O
867   M867 092P L867 192P C867 292P
868   M868 092Q L868 192Q C868 292Q
869   M869 092R L869 192R C869 292R
870   M870 092S L870 192S C870 292S
871   M871 092T L871 192T C871 292T
872   M872 092U L872 192U C872 292U
873   M873 092V L873 192V C873 292V
874   M874 092W L874 192W C874 292W
875   M875 092X L875 192X C875 292X
876   M876 092Y L876 192Y C876 292Y
877   M877 092Z L877 192Z C877 292Z
878   M878 093A L878 193A C878 293A
879   M879 093B L879 193B C879 293B
880 Alternate Graphic Representation1 2 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
881   M881 093D L881 193D C881 293D
882   M882 093E L882 193E C882 293E
883 Machine-generated Metadata Provenance3 M883 093F L883 193F C883 293F
884 Description Conversion Information4 M884 093G L884 193G C884 293G
885 Matching Information5 M885 093H L885 193H C885 293H
886   M886 093I L886 193I C886 293I
887   M887 093J L887 193J C887 293J
888   M888 093K L888 193K C888 293K
889   M889 093L L889 193L C889 293L
890   M890 093M L890 193M C890 293M
891   M891 093N L891 193N C891 293N
892   M892 093O L892 193O C892 293O
893   M893 093P L893 193P C893 293P
894   M894 093Q L894 193Q C894 293Q
895   M895 093R L895 193R C895 293R
896   M896 093S L896 193S C896 293S
897   M897 093T L897 193T C897 293T
898   M898 093U L898 193U C898 293U
899   M899 093V L899 193V C899 293V


1. Not defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
2. Tag 880 is not defined or allowed in a CBS. This information is held in two or more tags, i.e. the first tag M100 Main Entry – Personal Name holds the original script and the second (and following) M100 holds the transliteration of this script. MARC subfield $6 - Linkage - is used to distinguish both tags.
3. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
4. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.
5. December 2019: Not (yet) defined in OCLC MARC 21.