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12. Fields 9XX – authority format

How must this table be read?

  • Cells marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are "active", i.e. they can be used. So, tags marked with yellow are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format. These tags are extensions to, i.e. these are not part of the Library of Congress and the OCLC (WorldCat) format. So, tags marked with green are defined in the CBS MARC 21 format.
  • Cells with no color. These tags are "reserved" CBS MARC 21 tags; thus, these are non-existing tags now – for the main/master level, the local (LBD) and copy (LHR) level. These tags are only reserved for potential future use. Tags marked with no color may not be used in the CBS MARC 21 format now. So, when we need an extension of the CBS MARC 21 format or a new tag is defined by the MAC (MARC Advisory Committee), we already know what the CBS MARC 21 and CBS MARC 21 PICA+ tags will be.
  • Tag descriptions marked with purple are specific OCLC MARC 21 (WorldCat) tags.

For more MARC 21 documentation:


M21 tag Description CBS MARC tag - main/master level PICA+ tag -main/master level CBS MARC tag -
local level
PICA+ tag -
local level
CBS MARC 21 tag -
copy level
PICA+ tag -
copy level
900   M900 094A L900 194A C900 294A
901   M901 094B L901 194B C901 294B
902   M902 094C L902 194C C902 294C
903   M903 094D L903 194D C903 294D
904   M904 094E L904 194E C904 294E
905   M905 094F L905 194F C905 294F
906   M906 094G L906 194G C906 294G
907   M907 094H L907 194H C907 294H
908   M908 094I L908 194I C908 294I
909   M909 094J L909 194J C909 294J
910   M910 094K L910 194K C910 294K
911   M911 094L L911 194L C911 294L
912   M912 094M L912 194M C912 294M
913   M913 094N L913 194N C913 294N
914   M914 094O L914 194O C914 294O
915   M915 094P L915 194P C915 294P
916   M916 094Q L916 194Q C916 294Q
917   M917 094R L917 194R C917 294R
918   M918 094S L918 194S C918 294S
919   M919 094T L919 194T C919 294T
920   M920 094U L920 194U C920 294U
921   M921 094V L921 194V C921 294V
922   M922 094W L922 194W C922 294W
923   M923 094X L923 194X C923 294X
924   M924 094Y L924 194Y C924 294Y
925   M925 094Z L925 194Z C925 294Z
926   M926 095A L926 195A C926 295A
927   M927 095B L927 195B C927 295B
928   M928 095C L928 195C C928 295C
929   M929 095D L929 195D C929 295D
930   M930 095E L930 195E C930 295E
931   M931 095F L931 195F C931 295F
932   M932 095G L932 195G C932 295G
933   M933 095H L933 195H C933 295H
934   M934 095I L934 195I C934 295I
935   M935 095J L935 195J C935 295J
936   M936 095K L936 195K C936 295K
937   M937 095L L937 195L C937 295L
938   M938 095M L938 195M C938 295M
939   M939 095N L939 195N C939 295N
940   M940 095O L940 195O C940 295O
941   M941 095P L941 195P C941 295P
942   M942 095Q L942 195Q C942 295Q
943   M943 095R L943 195R C943 295R
944   M944 095S L944 195S C944 295S
945 Local Processing Information M945 095T L945 195T C945 295T
946 Local Processing Information M946 095U L946 195U C946 295U
947 Local Processing Information M947 095V L947 195V C947 295V
948 Local Processing Information M948 095W L948 195W C948 295W
949 Local Processing Information M949 095X L949 195X C949 295X
950   M950 095Y L950 195Y C950 295Y
951   M951 095Z L951 195Z C951 295Z
952 Cataloger's Notes M952 096A L952 196A C952 296A
953   M953 096B L953 196B C953 296B
954   M954 096C L954 196C C954 296C
955   M955 096D L955 196D C955 296D
956   M956 096E L956 196E C956 296E
957   M957 096F L957 196F C957 296F
958   M958 096G L958 196G C958 296G
959   M959 096H L959 196H C959 296H
960   M960 096I L960 196I C960 296I
961   M961 096J L961 196J C961 296J
962   M962 096K L962 196K C962 296K
963   M963 096L L963 196L C963 296L
964   M964 096M L964 196M C964 296M
965   M965 096N L965 196N C965 296N
966   M966 096O L966 196O C966 296O
967   M967 096P L967 196P C967 296P
968   M968 096Q L968 196Q C968 296Q
969   M969 096R L969 196R C969 296R
970   M970 096S L970 196S C970 296S
971   M971 096T L971 196T C971 296T
972   M972 096U L972 196U C972 296U
973   M973 096V L973 196V C973 296V
974   M974 096W L974 196W C974 296W
975   M975 096X L975 196X C975 296X
976   M976 096Y L976 196Y C976 296Y
977   M977 096Z L977 196Z C977 296Z
978   M978 097A L978 197A C978 297A
979   M979 097B L979 197B C979 297B
980   M980 097C L980 197C C980 297C
981   M981 097D L981 197D C981 297D
982   M982 097E L982 197E C982 297E
983   M983 097F L983 197F C983 297F
984   M984 097G L984 197G C984 297G
985   M985 097H L985 197H C985 297H
986   M986 097I L986 197I C986 297I
987   M987 097J L987 197J C987 297J
988   M988 097K L988 197K C988 297K
989   M989 097L L989 197L C989 297L
990   M990 097M L990 197M C990 297M
991   M991 097N L991 197N C991 297N
992   M992 097O L992 197O C992 297O
993   M993 097P L993 197P C993 297P
994   M994 097Q L994 197Q C994 297Q
995   M995 097R L995 197R C995 297R
996   M996 097S L996 197S C996 297S
997   M997 097T L997 197T C997 297T
998   M998 097U L998 197U C998 297U
999   M999 097V L999 197V C999 297V