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An item I deleted still appears in the Circulation Item Inventory report. How can I get rid of it?

  • An item that you deleted is still appearing in your Circulation item inventory report when it shouldn't.
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation
  • WMS Reports

In most cases this is because you have the Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Admin/General > Deleted items set to a period of time greater than 0 so the system has been directed to keep your items for a period after they were withdrawn. 

In a few rare cases, the deletion process fails to make it all the way through and the item continues to appear in that report. To clear it, re-add the item record and then re-delete it. That second deletion process should set the item to Withdrawn and clear it out of the report depending upon your setting in Service Configuration mentioned above.

Additional Information

There is more on the Service Configuration Deleted Items setting.


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